Nitro CrossOne
Anyone really worth writing about is nearly indescribable when it comes to Roshane Johnson, aka Nitro CrossOne. This young innovated artist has sincerely blessed us with his refreshing & unique style. This rapidly emerging artist has brought a whole new meaning to the word "Versatile" , Nitro's  creative talents find vibrant expression through the R & B, Hip Hop and Dancehall/Reggae scene.
Growing up in a loving but strict household, Nitro  indulged in becoming one of the young  local menace's in  the poverty stricken streets of Westmoreland Jamaica, which were the stomping grounds for major reggae artists such as Yellow Man, Peter Tosh and many more. 
"Life was and is still hard" says the artist, who eventually found himself vocalizing his life and surroundings through music & entertainment. His teenage years were relentlessly active as he jumped off his career as a dancer and soon formulated a dance crew which was called Caution Family. Soon then, he explored his Mic skills,entertaining everyone & anyone with his playful but lyrical approach. Building an incredible local fan base through talent shows, events and features. He then knew this was something he needed to pursue.
Since moving to Canada a few short years ago, Nitro began his ground work of a solo career by recording & engineering his music alongside others in his very own studio, which he built with his brother Neon Frass.  Nitro became very popular on the account of being known for  "Never Written A Lyric"  Nitro has never used a pen and paper. His divine ways were far to natural, it was as simple as Play the beat, record the tune, next day he would release the record. His loyal underground fan base which surfaced through social media, has been highly anticipating the release of his debut album titled "Likkle Ah Yuh Time" which is also one of the leading singles on this vibrant album alongside "Dat Yuh Love"  which was produced by "Iron City Music Group" and   and "Likkle Ah Yuh Time"
produced by "Cross One Records" mastered by "Smoke Shop Studioz" His singles can be found in our online store, followed by an immediate video release this summer.
in 2016 Cross One Records was registered and introduced his many talents to the public. The "still" growing company has plans to pioneer into a series of revolutionary entertainment services. But for now Nitro CrossOne has one goal, and that's to capture our mind, body and soul through his music.

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